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5 Reasons Why Electrolysis Is The Best Hair Removal Method

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Many people have unwanted hair that they want to get rid of. There are many different hair removal methods that are available  One of the newest methods is electrolysis, and it has rapidly become more and more popular.

Although all hair removal methods have their pros and cons, the benefits provided by electrolysis outweigh those offered by other hair removal methods.  The following are 5 reasons why electrolysis is the best hair removal method.

  1.  The process of electrolysis is not painful

There is a common misconception that electrolysis is painful.  However, it is actually among the least painful hair removal methods. The way the process works is that an extremely thin needle is inserted into the hair follicle and then a small current of electricity is released in the hair. This needle is thinner than one strand of hair and cannot be felt.  The hair is destroyed by the electricity and prevents another one from being able to grow in the same spot. Only a prickling sensation is felt.

  1.  No ongoing maintenance is necessary

To completely remove the hair, multiple electrolysis sessions may be required.  This will vary from one individual to the next. However, once the hair is removed, nothing else needs to be done in order to keep the area maintained. Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal method.

  1.  Electrolysis may be used on all parts of the body

It isn’t safe to use a majority of hair removal methods on all body parts.  Electrolysis is the only hair removal method that is well-suited to use on both small areas of the body like the eyebrows and large areas such as the legs.   Electrolysis is a very precise hair removal method. Each hair follicle is individually targeted, so it can be used on small areas. Large areas may also be treated within reasonable amounts of time, since electricity is used instead of someone having to manually pull each hair out.

Electrolysis may also be used on sensitive parts of the body, such as the upper lip and bikini line.  Only the hair is impacted by electrolysis and not the skin, as in other hair removal methods.

  1.  The method may be used on all kinds of hair

The type of hair tends to vary from one body part to the next.  So often different types of hair removal methods need to be used for different parts of the body.  However, electrolysis is effective to use on all kinds of hair, so a different process doesn’t need to be used for different kinds of hair.  The kind of hair on the surface doesn’t matter since electrolysis works through addressing the root of a hair.

  1.  Electrolysis can be used on all skin types

Electrolysis can be used safely on all types of skin, including sensitive skin without causing any negative side effects.  It is also very beneficial for individuals with dark hair and skin, which might not get the results they desire from laser hair removal.

3 Steps To Prepare For A Brazilian Wax

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If you really want to see a smooth, clean pubic region, then there is no better option than the Brazilian wax. Introduced in the late 80’s, it’s become the “go to” solution for women everywhere who want to get rid of unwanted hair on the front, back, and areas in between. If you’ve recently scheduled your first waxing, then you might be a little nervous. Here are some things you can do to ensure you are prepared for what is to come.

  1. Mental Preparation.

One of the most important things you can do before your first Brazilian wax is prepare yourself mentally. This particular wax involves removing all hair in the pubic region, anal region, and buttocks. That means you’ll need to be fully nude from the waste down. It also means you’ll be assuming some rather strange position.

To some, this can lead to some pretty embarrassing moments, especially if it’s their first time getting this type of wax. If they’ve had at least a standard bikini wax before, then they might be a little more comfortable with the idea. The important thing to remember is that there is absolutely no reason to be embarrassed.

All of the technicians performing the waxes have seen everything down there a million times before. In truth, it’s not much different than paying a visit to your regular gynecologist. These people are professionals and they want you to feel as comfortable as possible.

Mentally prepare yourself for what’s to come and you won’t be surprised when they ask you to take off your underwear. Many people choose to shower just before they go in for their appointment. It’s not mandatory, but it makes them feel more comfortable when they are asked to get naked and spread their legs.

  1. You Must Prepare The Hair.

Unfortunately, you don’t want to schedule a wax with just any wild length of hair. Your hair must be the appropriate length. If it’s too short, then the wax won’t be able to grab the hair and the process won’t work at all. If the hair is too long, then the wax will have too much hair to grab and it’s going to be very painful.

Most waxing technicians recommend not shaving for the five days prior to your appointment. This can be a little uncomfortable for some, but it’s a must-do if you want the wax to work. The hair needs to be at least one quarter of an inch in length. This is about the size of your average rice grain.


  1. Take An Advil.

Most people are worried about the pain that comes from the waxing. There’s no denying that your first wax session will hurt more than any other. Your following sessions will hurt less and less. It’s always a good idea to take an Advil right before your appointment. This will help reduce the pain during the procedure as well as keep the pain away once it is done.

After Care.

How you care for yourself afterwards is just as important as what you do before hand. Some waxing technicians recommend avoiding sexual intercourse for the next 24 hours. This might be difficult with your new, smooth body, but it friction and sweat can lead to irritation and discomfort.

Make sure to get wax ready by professional, visit and appoint your schedule to their best care.

Eyebrow Embroidery – Here is What You Need To Know

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If you are somebody who likes to keep up with beauty trends and treatments, you are going to find eyebrow embroidery very interesting. It’s a treatment that helps to fill those eyebrows just the way you want them, and there is no doubting that this trend is catching on quick.

So, if you have just come across this modern way of improving your appearance, this is the article to read. In other words, here’s what you need to know about eyebrow embroidery.

What Is Eyebrow Embroidery?

Some refer to it as 3D brows, but the most common reference has to be microblading. The first thing you should know about microblading is different from typical tattooing. Instead of a needle, the professional use a small blade, which makes tiny incisions. Once the incision is made just underneath the skin, dye is applied.

Where is this type of treatment used exactly? As the name suggests, the focal point is your eyebrows. And the aim is to give your eyebrows more dimension and life, but making it appear very natural while at the same time avoiding any makeup. So, if you have a problem with the shape or density of your brows, you can consider microblading.

A Professional Needs To Do It

In spite of the different equipment being used with microblading, they are still regarded as tattoos. This means you want to use a licensed one if possible, and you want to put them through a tough vetting process. Make sure they know what they are doing, and they have the necessary experience to get the results you need.

Is It Permanent?

Many people wonder if the effects of eyebrow embroidery are permanent or not, seeing as conventional tattoos are usually permanent in nature. In reality, microblading does not leave a permanent effect. However, it can last up to a year before requiring a touch-up. Some people go up to three years and still enjoy the difference.

In terms of advantages, the temporary period allows you to implement different styles on an annual basis, and if it doesn’t come out the way you want it, you can rest assured that the fake brows will fade away.

However, if you want to keep your new look, follow-up sessions are going to be required.

Does Microblading Hurt?

Another popular question is whether microblading comes with any pain. The truth is, not really. If you are working with a professional, they will use a numbing cream to prevent pain and irritation. And the cream is quite effective.

There might be some discomfort, and the sound could be a little frustrating. Obviously, there are certain elements not everyone is going to appreciate, but overall it’s a very straightforward process.

Get A Clear Picture Of What You Want

If you are going to spend money on this innovative eyebrow enhancer, which is definitely worth considering if you don’t have time every morning, make sure you have a good idea of what you want. The color, the shape, the area that needs to be covered, all these things have to be discussed with the professional.

Additionally, you want to consult with someone who has artistic ability. The last thing you want is to waste money on somebody who doesn’t have the skills to achieve the look you are trying for.

Aftercare Is Necessary

Once the microblading is done, aftercare will be necessary. Given that these are tiny wounds, they need to stay bacteria free. More specifically, you don’t want them to get infected.

So, if you feel you want to save a few minutes every day and still have great-looking eyebrows, this is an option worth considering.

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Why Should You Get Electrolysis Instead Of Laser Hair Removal?

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Laser hair removal and electrolysis are two popular methods that are used today to remove or reduce permanent hair. However, even though these two methods serve the same purpose, most people prefer the electrolysis method because it is more effective. Moreover, there are no long-term health effects associated with this method. Another reason why most people prefer this particular method is because it is approved by various health institutions such as the FDA.

Reason Why Electrolysis Is Better Than Laser Hair Removal.

1. When You Want To Eliminate Permanent Hair

The first thing you should understand is that laser treatment does not remove permanent hair, but it only causes hair reduction by only eighty percent. However, when it comes to electrolysis method, you can eliminate unwanted permanent hair for good. What makes this method more effective than laser hair treatment is that electrolysis involves treating each piece of hair individually. However, even though the method is time-consuming and tiresome, you can expect nothing less but the best results. Visit this website to learn more details about the process.

2. When Your Hair Color Or Skin Type Is Not Suitable For Laser Treatment

Laser hair removal is not suitable for everybody, which is why most people turn to electrolysis method. Electrolysis is suitable for all skin types and hair color. Your skin does not necessarily have to be dark or light as it is with laser treatment, you can still get permanent hair removed even if your skin is white when you settle for electrolysis method.

3. When You Want To Remove Specific Hair.

Another reason why electrolysis is mostly recommended is that, with this method, you can easily target hair accurately. However, when it comes to laser treatment, it is difficult to target unwanted hair since this method does not treat hair individually as electrolysis does. Laser treatment treats several hairs all at once, which is why the good result do not last long before they fade off.

4. Remove Unwanted Hair From A Healthy Mole

This method is also considered to be the best when you want to remove unwanted hair that grows around a mole. Even though other methods can be used to remove hair from a mole such as trimming and shaving, none of these methods are safer than the electrolysis method. Laser treatment is considered to be dangerous for removing hair from a mole because pigment found in the mole can react with the laser and cause severe burning.

5. Guaranteed Results

Laser treatment may take less time to apply, but the results are not guaranteed. However, with electrolysis treatment, you can expect the best results no matter the type of hair you have. Furthermore, you also need to understand that electrolysis works best on both small and large areas.


Electrolysis is the best method to choose whey you are concerned about safety and guaranteed results. Furthermore, you also need to understand that this particular method is one of the oldest treatment for hair removal and has scientifically been tested and approved by various health institution in different regions. Find a good electrologist is can be difficult, but using El Cajon electrolysis Yelp page can tell you a lot about a company.

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Can Yoga Improve Your Love Life?

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Will yoga help me last longer in bed?

There are many reasons to start doing yoga. Yoga can reduce stress and body pain, prevent diseases, and even improve your overall health. But did you know yoga can also improve your love life! Practicing yoga is an effective way to develop fitness for intimacy. Whether you want a fun and new form of exercising or you’re just searching for ways to spice up your love life, yoga could be the answer for you. Here is how you can improve your love life with yoga:

Conditioned body for better performance

Practicing yoga helps your body build a flexible and robust physique or figure. A supple well-toned body is a desirable element in your love life because may enhance your performance. The truth of the matter is that your body is more capable of performing in bed when it is in its best physical condition. 

Apart from just strength and flexibility, yoga will also teach you how to last longer in bed exercises As well as give your body balance which will allow you to move more gracefully and freely to experiment different positions that will make your love life more adventurous and fun. 

Improved self-esteem and confidence

One of the end results of practicing yoga for fitness regularly is that you will become much stronger and healthier. By developing your techniques and flexibility, you will grow confident in your movements. This confidence will recapitulate into your love life. With great confidence, comes a great love life.

A common basis for poor intimacy is the lack of confidence. Confidence makes you desireable, and your better-half will definitely notice this. Your partner chose you for a special reason and found you desirable and attractive despite what you may think! With that in mind, being confident with your yoga body, you will gain confidence and self-esteem. 

Decreased anxiety 

By transferring your attention and focus from stressful thoughts to breathing deeply and stretching, yoga can help to reduce and release any physical tension that you may have. This effect can be felt for days. Decreased stress levels can make you feel better about being with your partner, and you are more likely to be emotionally attached to him or her. These feelings will propel your lovemaking to higher standards.

More energy

According to recent researches by the National Sleep Foundation, one in every four married couples claim that they are so deprived of their sleep that they are often too tired for lovemaking. A yoga practice is good for general relaxation and can help you sleep better. 

The stretching and body movements can make you feel like you’ve had a good workout and you can sleep soundly after that. Enough sleep and rest will give you more energy for your partner. 

Meet a new partner

Yoga classes create a social environment where you can meet and interact with new people. If you are single, then this is an excellent opportunity to meet someone who shares your healthy lifestyle. Probably you will both enjoy an amazing time together. 

With all these benefits, what are you waiting for? Get enrolled into a yoga class today for a better and healthier lifestyle.


Can yoga help treat premature ejaculation?

4 Tips To Help You Find The Best Makeup Artist Near You

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Are you in need of services from a Los Angeles makeup artist? You may have a special event approaching, such as your wedding day or any other occasion where you need to look your best. If you need someone to apply your makeup perfectly so that you can feel beautiful and confident on such a special day, it is important to find the perfect makeup artist who knows exactly what they are doing. There are several ways to find the right person to do the job in your area.

Ask Your Friends for Referrals

The people you trust the most are the people you may want to talk to when trying to find the perfect makeup artist. If some of your friends have used the services of a makeup artist in the past, they may be able to point you in the right direction by giving you some recommendations. You may want to look at pictures of their makeup in advance to make sure you like that specific style before contacting anyone.

Do Your Research

Using a simple search engine can help you get the results you are looking for. There are a lot of makeup artists out there who can do exactly what it is that you need them to do, but it is a matter of finding them and contacting them. You can run a search for makeup artists in your area. You may notice there are dozens of people providing such services in and around your area.

Instead of choosing the first person you can find on your search, check if they have a website and look at their portfolio. You should also look to see if they have any social media sites or reviews that are listed online. Many makeup artists use social media to acquire clients, so it is highly likely that you will find quite a few of them on Instagram and Facebook.

Ask for Price Quotes

If you are on a budget, it is important to know how much a makeup artist is going to charge for their services. If you know exactly what you would like them to do, you can discuss this with several different artists ahead of time and then get a price quote from each one of them. If you love the work of several different artists and are having a tough time choosing the right one, you may want to go with the one who is offering the best deal, especially if you can see that their work is excellent. Some artists offer their services at more affordable rates simply to have an advantage over their competition in the area.

Schedule a Consultation

Once you think you have found the right makeup artist in your area, schedule a consultation just to get an idea of how your makeup will look on the day of the special event. You have to absolutely make sure this person you are hiring can achieve the look you are going for on that day. If all goes well, you will know exactly who to hire for the job.

Finding the right makeup artist in your area is not too hard, but you should spend time asking for referrals and doing your own research to make sure you are choosing the perfect person. The right person will be a true professional who will make sure your finished makeup is flawless.

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Best Skin Care Treatments For Women Over 40

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How Can You Find The Bets Skin Care Spa Treatments For Your Skin if you are over 40?

When it comes to skin care no one-size-fits-all solution exists. Some people have dry skin, others experience breakouts, while others have to contend with signs of aging. This is why finding the right spa treatment for your type of skin can feel daunting. However, this should never be the case since you can choose the right type of spa treatment for your skin with the right advice. Finding the best skin care Denver specialist is something you will need to do, but we came up with 8 different treatments to consider.

Use the following guide to determine the best spa treatment for your type of skin.

1.    Anti-Aging Spa Treatments

Anti-aging spa treatments are geared at slowing down the process of aging, reduce wrinkles, and brighten skin. If you desire a more youthful complexion, you can choose from a variety of treatments including microdermabrasion and light therapy treatments.

2.    Acne Treatments

Acne spa treatments are designed for those people prone to acne or oily skin as well as those with an uneven complexion. Acne spa treatments incorporate a combination of deep cleansing, steaming, facial extractions, and more to get rid of the excess oil and bacteria that cause acne.

3.    Fruit Acid Treatments (Peels)

Fruit acid treatments are also good for people with oily skin. Fruit acid treatments use acids derived from fruit that are believed to stimulate collagen levels and improve skin texture and tone and help in reducing hyperpigmentation, scars, age spots, and wrinkles, as well as treating conditions relating to sensitive skin. Some of the common fruit acids used for the treatments include malic acids, lactic acids, citric acids, along with tartaric acids extracted from milk, sugar cane, apples, lemons, grapes, oranges, and pears. On some spa menus, fruit acid treatments are sometimes listed as peels.

4.    Oxygen Treatments

Oxygen treatments are believed to counter the visible signs of aging linked to poor oxygen conveyance from the subcutaneous capillaries to the skin’s surface. Oxygen treatments address the deficiency through the delivery of highly concentrated oxygen molecules directly linked to the epidermis.

5.    Sensitive Skin Treatments

Sensitive skin is usually as a result of many different factors including natural disposition, laser treatments, extreme peels, rosacea, and environmental damage. Sensitive skin treatments use hypoallergenic products and gentle procedures appropriate for skin prone to irritation.

6.    Men’s Treatments

Spa treatments for skin are not only for ladies since men also have their own treatments. Men’s treatments are formulated specifically to the needs of male skin, which are usually shaving related such as razor burns or other conditions such as skin dullness and sensitivity.

7.    Galvanic Treatments

Galvanic treatments introduce water-soluble substances through the surface of the skin using direct galvanic current in an effort to enhance moisture retention and ingredient absorption. Estheticians usually recommend galvanic treatments for the spa-goers that have dry and dehydrated skin.

8.    Rosacea Treatments

Rosacea treatments are designed for people with rosacea looking for soothing services using products designed to calm irritation and reduce the appearance of redness associated with the condition. Rosacea treatments are designed to correct, protect, and boost the skin by evening the skin tone and strengthening delicate capillaries.

Final Thoughts

Spa treatments are never a one-size-fits-all affair. It is important to get the right spa treatment for your skin type. The 8 spa treatments for skin discussed here cater to most of the skin types. If you visit a spa, be sure to select the right type of spa treatment.

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Hair Color Correction: When Do You Need It?

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Sometimes, things go wrong. From spilling milk to damaging our cars to the tune of hundreds in repair bills, a lot of things can go wrong in the modern world. Still, modern problems tend to have modern solutions, from plain old washcloths to state of the art auto body repair equipment and computerized paint color systems that make it appear as if the damage was never there at all. Still, not all problems have such immediate solutions such as mopping things up or sending a severely damaged car to the auto shop. One particular modern problem that is unique to a world of industrial cosmetic chemistry is putting in the wrong hair color. Sometimes it starts out innocuous but every so often, people find out that, for whatever reason, the hair dye they put in their hair isn’t working anywhere near as well as they’d like, be it bad interactions with biochemistry to simply being unpleasant to look at. Getting you damaged hair mistakes corrected can be painful as you find someone good enough to do the job. For those situations when your hair dye really isn’t working out, there is hair color correction. But that raises the question of what is hair color correction and when should you get it done?

Hair color correction, also called hair dye stripping, is any cosmetic chemical process meant to purge the hair of any unwanted deposited color. The chemical process strips the hair of unwanted color via a product that’s based largely on the element of sulfur. The hair dye strippers increase sulfite levels in order to make hair more porous and undo the oxidation process inside the hair color that binds it the hair. The bonds between hair dye molecules to the hair itself and each other are weakened greatly, allowing the unwanted dye to be washed out with relative ease. These products are effective on both older dye jobs and newer hair colors. However, most hair dye strippers are ineffective on hair lightened through the use of hydrogen peroxide. This is because hair bleaching is a relatively irreversible process that directly oxidizes the melanin hair, making it colorless. Because most hair dyes contain hydrogen peroxide, the interactions caused by piling on hydrogen peroxide will like not match your hair’s natural color. After using these products, it’s advised to use a clear color filler before trying to dye your hair again as doing otherwise may cause the hair to darken faster and more intensely, resulting in a less than ideal coloration working. To avoid getting any type of color correction make sure to book with a good hair color specialist that shows and explains this on their website. Always call before and every stylist should be giving you a consultation prior to fixing any damaged hair.

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Techniques Of Massage Therapy

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Getting a service in spa especially if it is your fist time can be quite confusing with all the services they provide. Getting a facial or skin care service is different than waxing or massage. Unknown to many people, there are so many massage therapy techniques depending on people’s needs. Whereas some of these therapies are done to ease pain, stress, among other things, others are done for just life rejuvenation. Below are some of the massage therapies found in most spas.

massageThe Swedish massage therapy
This is one of the most common massage therapies. In this kind of therapy, therapists usually use common long and smooth strokes, circular movements (on the superficial muscle’s layers) by the use of the massage oil or lotion. This kind of massage is highly recommended for those who have never had a massage before since it is both gentle and relaxing.

Aromatherapy massage
In this kind of therapy, essential oils scented plant oil) are used in order to address some specific needs. The therapist usually selects the scenting massage oils which are balancing, relaxing, energizing and also stress-reducing so that the therapy could be successful. Lavender is one of the commonly used essential oils in this type of therapy. Moreover, aromatherapy is essentially used help treat conditions that are stress-related or those conditions that have an emotional component.
Hot stone massage therapy
Here, smooth stones are heated and then placed on one’s various body parts so as to not only to warm but also make tight muscles loosen. Moreover, this warmth is geared towards balancing energy centers in one’s body. The therapist can also decide to hold the stones and then gently apply pressure on the stones. This cozy kind of massage is highly recommended for those people with tension on their muscles and who prefer a lighter kind of massage.

The deep tissue massages therapy
This kind of massage therapy targets the connective tissues as well as the body muscle’s deeper layers. Here, therapists usually use very slow strokes or even the application of friction techniques around the place where one is experiencing pain. This kind of massage is usually used in an instance where one’s muscles are either painful or chronically tight.

This is a Japanese bodywork type of massage in which a therapist uses a finger pressure in such a rhythmic way on acupuncture circles (meridians).To help the body to regain balance and also to improve the energy flow, each point (where the finger pressure is exerted) is usually held for between two to eight seconds.

The pregnancy massage
This kind of massage is also called the prenatal massage therapy and it is usually done on pregnant mothers in order to help them to reduce stress, swelling, anxiety, depression, relieve pains and aches, among other things. Usually, massage therapy is done by therapists who are certified to do massage therapy for pregnant mothers. Moreover, this kind of massage is done depending on a woman’s needs.

In a nutshell, the next time you will feel like being massaged, choose appropriately the type of massage that is ideal for your needs so that you may get the expected results without straining. To find out more about massage please visit here

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Wiping Out The Pain From Waxing

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spa waxing

Certain parts of the US are more popular with waxing and certain cities are well know for their waxing salons. Comparing Salt Lake City to waxing in San Diego are two different worlds with one being very near the beach and hotter hence a higher demand for the services. You head into a spa and it is time to have certain parts waxed. You should be excited right? Well, you are anxious because the results will be nice, but what about that intolerable pain you will feel before? Waxing is not a pleasurable experience and it hurts.

It doesn’t matter how much your pain tolerance is, this is not something you would like to do as a relaxation technique that’s for sure. Waxing is much more dramatic than getting a massage so you have to mentally prepare yourself! So, how do you wipe out the pain and wax away all of your hair without crying into your hands from what is happening to you?

Use Small Strips

Your technique with the actual strips will matter. If you see the pros, they will use small strips and the wax will have cooled down a bit before they put it on your skin. Hot wax and big strips are a horrible combination and the kind that could tear your skin too.

Let the wax cool down and make sure the strips you are using are at most the size of your hand. Anything more and you have gone too big.


Numbing Creams Work

waxing hair removalIf you wish to go all out, you can use a numbing cream in the area where you will be applying the wax. You would rub the cream in first and let it settle. You should give this about 10 minutes. You want the numbing cream to actually ‘numb’. When you feel like the area is numb, you can apply the wax. Don’t do it before because it might prove to be futile then.

Consider Pain Relief Medication

This is not always recommended and it depends on your medical condition. If the pain is truly unbearable and you know it will cause you to cry and/or shake in fear, it might be appropriate to take pain meds. These will help remove the pain when it comes time to wax.

You should be taking this at least 40-50 minutes before the appointment or when you will be doing it. This is how waxing procedures will then become quite painless. You might feel a little bit, but it won’t be to a point where you are screaming in anguish.

Waxing has to be done if you want to be hairless in certain areas, so you have to either face it or make these changes. You will have to decide what would be the best pain solution for you.


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