Many people have unwanted hair that they want to get rid of. There are many different hair removal methods that are available  One of the newest methods is electrolysis, and it has rapidly become more and more popular.

Although all hair removal methods have their pros and cons, the benefits provided by electrolysis outweigh those offered by other hair removal methods.  The following are 5 reasons why electrolysis is the best hair removal method.

  1.  The process of electrolysis is not painful

There is a common misconception that electrolysis is painful.  However, it is actually among the least painful hair removal methods. The way the process works is that an extremely thin needle is inserted into the hair follicle and then a small current of electricity is released in the hair. This needle is thinner than one strand of hair and cannot be felt.  The hair is destroyed by the electricity and prevents another one from being able to grow in the same spot. Only a prickling sensation is felt.

  1.  No ongoing maintenance is necessary

To completely remove the hair, multiple electrolysis sessions may be required.  This will vary from one individual to the next. However, once the hair is removed, nothing else needs to be done in order to keep the area maintained. Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal method.

  1.  Electrolysis may be used on all parts of the body

It isn’t safe to use a majority of hair removal methods on all body parts.  Electrolysis is the only hair removal method that is well-suited to use on both small areas of the body like the eyebrows and large areas such as the legs.   Electrolysis is a very precise hair removal method. Each hair follicle is individually targeted, so it can be used on small areas. Large areas may also be treated within reasonable amounts of time, since electricity is used instead of someone having to manually pull each hair out.

Electrolysis may also be used on sensitive parts of the body, such as the upper lip and bikini line.  Only the hair is impacted by electrolysis and not the skin, as in other hair removal methods.

  1.  The method may be used on all kinds of hair

The type of hair tends to vary from one body part to the next.  So often different types of hair removal methods need to be used for different parts of the body.  However, electrolysis is effective to use on all kinds of hair, so a different process doesn’t need to be used for different kinds of hair.  The kind of hair on the surface doesn’t matter since electrolysis works through addressing the root of a hair.

  1.  Electrolysis can be used on all skin types

Electrolysis can be used safely on all types of skin, including sensitive skin without causing any negative side effects.  It is also very beneficial for individuals with dark hair and skin, which might not get the results they desire from laser hair removal.