spa waxing

Certain parts of the US are more popular with waxing and certain cities are well know for their waxing salons. Comparing Salt Lake City to waxing in San Diego are two different worlds with one being very near the beach and hotter hence a higher demand for the services. You head into a spa and it is time to have certain parts waxed. You should be excited right? Well, you are anxious because the results will be nice, but what about that intolerable pain you will feel before? Waxing is not a pleasurable experience and it hurts.

It doesn’t matter how much your pain tolerance is, this is not something you would like to do as a relaxation technique that’s for sure. Waxing is much more dramatic than getting a massage so you have to mentally prepare yourself! So, how do you wipe out the pain and wax away all of your hair without crying into your hands from what is happening to you?

Use Small Strips

Your technique with the actual strips will matter. If you see the pros, they will use small strips and the wax will have cooled down a bit before they put it on your skin. Hot wax and big strips are a horrible combination and the kind that could tear your skin too.

Let the wax cool down and make sure the strips you are using are at most the size of your hand. Anything more and you have gone too big.


Numbing Creams Work

waxing hair removalIf you wish to go all out, you can use a numbing cream in the area where you will be applying the wax. You would rub the cream in first and let it settle. You should give this about 10 minutes. You want the numbing cream to actually ‘numb’. When you feel like the area is numb, you can apply the wax. Don’t do it before because it might prove to be futile then.

Consider Pain Relief Medication

This is not always recommended and it depends on your medical condition. If the pain is truly unbearable and you know it will cause you to cry and/or shake in fear, it might be appropriate to take pain meds. These will help remove the pain when it comes time to wax.

You should be taking this at least 40-50 minutes before the appointment or when you will be doing it. This is how waxing procedures will then become quite painless. You might feel a little bit, but it won’t be to a point where you are screaming in anguish.

Waxing has to be done if you want to be hairless in certain areas, so you have to either face it or make these changes. You will have to decide what would be the best pain solution for you.