Getting a service in spa especially if it is your fist time can be quite confusing with all the services they provide. Getting a facial or skin care service is different than waxing or massage. Unknown to many people, there are so many massage therapy techniques depending on people’s needs. Whereas some of these therapies are done to ease pain, stress, among other things, others are done for just life rejuvenation. Below are some of the massage therapies found in most spas.

massageThe Swedish massage therapy
This is one of the most common massage therapies. In this kind of therapy, therapists usually use common long and smooth strokes, circular movements (on the superficial muscle’s layers) by the use of the massage oil or lotion. This kind of massage is highly recommended for those who have never had a massage before since it is both gentle and relaxing.

Aromatherapy massage
In this kind of therapy, essential oils scented plant oil) are used in order to address some specific needs. The therapist usually selects the scenting massage oils which are balancing, relaxing, energizing and also stress-reducing so that the therapy could be successful. Lavender is one of the commonly used essential oils in this type of therapy. Moreover, aromatherapy is essentially used help treat conditions that are stress-related or those conditions that have an emotional component.
Hot stone massage therapy
Here, smooth stones are heated and then placed on one’s various body parts so as to not only to warm but also make tight muscles loosen. Moreover, this warmth is geared towards balancing energy centers in one’s body. The therapist can also decide to hold the stones and then gently apply pressure on the stones. This cozy kind of massage is highly recommended for those people with tension on their muscles and who prefer a lighter kind of massage.

The deep tissue massages therapy
This kind of massage therapy targets the connective tissues as well as the body muscle’s deeper layers. Here, therapists usually use very slow strokes or even the application of friction techniques around the place where one is experiencing pain. This kind of massage is usually used in an instance where one’s muscles are either painful or chronically tight.

This is a Japanese bodywork type of massage in which a therapist uses a finger pressure in such a rhythmic way on acupuncture circles (meridians).To help the body to regain balance and also to improve the energy flow, each point (where the finger pressure is exerted) is usually held for between two to eight seconds.

The pregnancy massage
This kind of massage is also called the prenatal massage therapy and it is usually done on pregnant mothers in order to help them to reduce stress, swelling, anxiety, depression, relieve pains and aches, among other things. Usually, massage therapy is done by therapists who are certified to do massage therapy for pregnant mothers. Moreover, this kind of massage is done depending on a woman’s needs.

In a nutshell, the next time you will feel like being massaged, choose appropriately the type of massage that is ideal for your needs so that you may get the expected results without straining. To find out more about massage please visit here